Saturday, August 19, 2006

mom's group

I hosted a planning meeting for the mom's group at my parish on Friday. 3 other moms came, and 2 extra children. It was a good meeting, but it made me realize (again) just how bossy I can be at times.

I planned it as a lunch, and went the extremely simple route of ordering pizzas and made some iced tea. One of the moms brought a wonderful fresh fruit salad. After eating, the kids went off to play in the playroom and the moms met.

Well, the moms talked. And talked. And talked. LOL! I had my notebook on the table and I brought up a blank document and starting typing some introductory notes for myself and then I'd interject with "Wow! I'm so glad you could all come today! Do you think we should meet once a month or go back to twice a month?" Conversation ensued . . . no real winner coming through . . . so I said "Well, sounds like we're meeting once a month this year with added activities if we decide -- but our regular meeting will happen once a month."

Then, another tangent is taken so I come back a few minutes later with "What time should we meet? Stick with 10AM or should we move it back to 9?"

And, so on, for the entire meeting. I did say at point "I'm sorry I sound so bossy . . . " and one of the other moms responded "No, it's good . . . we'd never have any solutions if you didn't!" We did come up with some new topics, so that was good, since the last year & 1/2 all the topics were primarily thought up and presented by me. There was some interest in doing service projects - this has happened before, though, and nothing came of it. I hope this year we can pull something together.

I started the group with the thought if I could just meet ONE other mom - it was all worthwhile. Thankfully, I've met a few other moms and they've all been a blessing in my life. It'll be interesting to see how this year pans out, since I plan on really pushing for more members and trying to grow our group beyond the regular 2-4 moms I could count on last year.

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  1. Melanie,
    This was so funny! We have a homeschool planning group which meets a few times a year. We have grown...quite a bit and now have about 15 families. We all surrounded the table for our first big meeting of the year thinking that we were going to get things planned out through December, 2006.
    Yeah, right! It was chaos...why...because we are all so giddy to get with one another. Well, before, when we were smaller in size, it was no big deal to get off of track. Try doing that now and looking like a group who has some sense! LOL! Anyway, for our meetings now (just planning meetings), we have agreed to the leader using a gavel if need be...raising hands, speaking only one or two minutes at a time ... no interrupting and then socializing after the meeting or for any other lengthy questions and discussions. There is no other way now to handle it...anyway, it was so funny how our stories were so alike. Thanks for sharing. ;) God bless.


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