Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Phoenix Family Fun Day NSA

Nate and I attended the Phoenix Family Fun Day at ASU Campus in Tempe AZ this past weekend.  This was the third year we've attended, and it was great again!

The day before I ended up in the hospital -- thanks to kidney stones AGAIN! I was at lunch with friends, and they ended up taking me to the emergency room where I was given massive doses of painkillers and basically told to go home and wait. (Aside: I know there isn't much they can do, and I was grateful that the stones this time are small enough that they should pass easily, but I was not happy with my care this time.)

Anyway, we had this day planned for a long time, so even though I was still in pain and dopey from painkillers, I had Bo drop us off in the morning so we could attend.  It was great seeing some of the national staff, as well as seeing both of Nate's SLPs attend. (There's another component geared towards SLP where they can earn CEUs.)  We also got to meet a bunch of new people (was kinda sad that people we've met in the past weren't able to attend this year.)

In the end, I was glad we went. Nate had a good time, as always, with the kid activities.  There were 2 informative topics discussed - the new common core standards and how they will affect kids who stutter and then a psychologist spoke about coping with stuttering within a family.  Finally, Nate and I were both on a panel with adult people who stutter and we both answered questions from the audience. 

The best part, though, were the people who came up and recognized Nate from his videos, or his spots on the NSA website and newsletters.  One mom said that her son's SLP said they should come because they "might meet Nate!", and they did!  Her son's SLP had shown her son Nate's videos and interested him in making a presentation to his class.  Nate was also approached by some SLP students who said they watch his videos in class and one sweet girl even asked him for his autograph.  

We can't wait for the annual conference in July!  I'm so excited it will be held in Scottsdale so my entire family can experience the power of the NSA finally!

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