Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Superhero by Tim & the Space Cadets

Right about now, anything that brings a smile or a giggle is golden. (I'm looking at one particular friend who made my stomach hurt today from laughing so hard at the videos she made for me! Right now, she's golden!)

I received a pitch letting me know about Tim and the Space Cadets, and I almost skipped over the email, but instead decided to click on the video.  The song has an infectious beat and definitely brought a smile to my face today.  I think you'll agree!

And, because, really?  Who doesn't want to be a superhero??

And, I'm even happier that I read that email because they offered me the chance to download one of their songs for free and give you the chance to do the same! Click HERE for a download of the song, Superhero - which is their first song from their upcoming album, Anthems for Adventure, to be released 1/29/13.

I found it interesting to learn more about the lead singer from the press release -
While most indie-rockers get their start by playing basement shows and dive-y bars,Tim began his career in music while volunteering in the nursery of a homeless shelter in New York City. Currently, he is the curator of his own kids music program called “Little Rock-Its” that is based out of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn play space, Frolic!

The class features a three-piece band of local musicians presenting original songs and lessons written by Tim, and has been embraced by the Williamsburg community, reaching hundreds of kids every week.
I'm going to watch for the release of this album - anything that puts a smile on my face is a good thing!

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