Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Eldest

Colin, still 11, on the shores of Lake Michigan

This boy is turning 12 years old today!  At the moment, he's 2000 miles away, but before the day is over he'll be back home!  He requested rotisserie chicken, jasmine rice, cauliflower and marble cake with vanilla icing for his birthday dinner and that's just what he'll have!  I need to remember to pick up sparkling juice before he gets home as we have gone through our entire stash.

Colin is bright, inquisitive, passionate, thoughtful, kind, musical, artistic, loving, considerate and an all-around great kid. He loves to read, write, draw cartoons, play his viola, create origami and play video games. 

He has a strong bond with his siblings, as evidenced this week when he made the effort to call and speak to them while he was away. When he talked to Lydia, he asked her what she thought he was going to give her when he got home, and when she asked what, he replied with "A Big HUG!"  She squealed in delight and replied, "I just LOVE your big hugs!"  I know he has missed them, even while having a good time seeing family and spending time just with his dad.

He wants to attend ASU, and someday work for NASA.  He will tell you that he has NO interest in going into space! He wants to work in mission control, staying firmly on the ground. He hopes that there will be a space program when he's older. 

He thinks carefully about things, and cares how people feel.  I like to have conversations with him, to hear his thoughts and opinions on many varied topics. He is proud of his large vocabulary, and likes to tell people he knows so many words because his mom home-schooled him.

He's the child I never thought I would have. I cherish the days we have together, and am grateful for the joy he brings to my life.

Happy Birthday, Colin!  You are much loved!

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