Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell Me Thursday - Recovery

Last summer, I posted a very similar picture.

Thankfully, this summer I was not as sick as last summer, but it was my kidneys that took me out again.  Early last month, I knew I didn't feel right and thought I may have a kidney stone.

I upped my fluid intake, I tried to rest, I kept working and doing what needed to be done.  In the middle of the month, I woke Bo in the middle of the night and said "I need to go to the hospital!"

Again, thankfully, this trip didn't end up in a multi-day stay.   I was sent home after a few hours and a few heavy painkillers after a CT scan that found a "handful" of stones.  A couple days later, and I was feeling better . . . until I wasn't . . . until I was.  That's the fun with kidney stones!  You think you're fine until another one sneaks out.

Nate & I had the conference planned, I had work scheduled, and I didn't make it to my urologist until almost a month had passed.  He took one look at my scan and said "We need to do surgery.  That one is never leaving on its own."

Again, I had work scheduled (there are so many benefits to working for myself and being a trainer -- but being able to take off work at the last minute is not one of them) so I tried to bargain with him when he offered to do the surgery in a few days and he said "No.  We need to do this now."

I got home and sent out a few emails informing clients I couldn't fulfill my obligations (and I'm thinking that it probably sunk me with one client, but there wasn't anything I could do)  I finished the classes I had scheduled last week (including a class in Albuquerque on Friday), then checked in Monday afternoon at the hospital.

Laser lithotripsy was done on an outpatient basis, and I was glad to be back in my own bed that evening.   There were actually 2 large stones (7mm and 9mm for those interested) and my doctor felt he successfully broke them up.  At home, I drank lots, took a couple pain pills and have been taking it easy this week.

This recovery is much easier and faster than last summer and that's another reason to be grateful.  I'm also grateful for skilled doctors, caring family and understanding clients.  And the fact my mom lives close by now and she made me cakes and creamed peas and tuna this week, as well as keeping an eye out for the kids.  (Except for Colin.  He's been at space camp all week and enjoying himself immensely!!)

This is NOT a summer tradition I want to start, however!

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