Monday, July 02, 2012

Care Bear Television Show Review

 Another new show on the HUB Network is Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.   It's geared to the preschool crowd, so we shared an advance episode with Lydia's preschool class recently.   The kids all watched the show intently, and then had a great time coloring Care Bears.

Overall, the show was well-received by the class.  They laughed and smiled, and stayed interested in the storyline of the episode. My boys watched it with Lydia at home and they both remarked that it was a better representation of Care Bears than they remember from a few years ago.

The 30 minute show airs on the Hub Network on Saturdays at 8AM EST.  Th season began at the beginning of June. You can also catch episodes on the website if you don't receive the Hub Network.

Lydia liked the show, and is interested in watching more.  I remember Funshine Bear from years ago, and thought that was the perfect bear to post on My Little Patch of Sunshine!

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