Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tell Me Thursday - It's the Little Things

I know the picture above was a little hard to see.  I found it stuck to my door on my way to bed Tuesday night.  It's a drawing made by Lydia of the cup I often take to work, and the note "bring cup to work".

Tuesday night, I mentioned how I had forgotten my cup and Nate mentioned that he would make me a sign so I would remember.  I laughed and said that wasn't necessary -- but I did need to remember it so that I drink enough during the day.  Lydia overheard, and took it on herself to draw my cup and then enlisted Colin to write the note.  She then found a couple stickers and stuck it to my door so I couldn't miss it.

I have such sweet kids!

I'm happy to say that I DID remember my cup today.  Here's a picture of it at work -- Lydia did a pretty great representation of it!  (And I have to say that I love my Tervis Tumbler.  It keeps ice for hours, and I also love the lid that I found so that I don't worry about spills.  Now, I just need to buy some extra long straws.)

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