Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tell Me Thursday - back home

Yep, I'm home again!  I thought that last visit I wrote about was my last visit -- but I found myself back in the hospital over the weekend.  I spent a couple more days there, enjoying hospital food, blood draws and an adjustable bed. I'm much happier in my own bed, however! 

This picture is of my bedside table, taken yesterday just before I posted.  You can see the big drink cup (pushing fluid on those kidneys!), remote controls, pill bottles and a couple hair bands.  And, my soothing blue bedroom wall.

I'm confident that I won't have any more hospital stays, and plan to continue my recovery from home. I'm not tragically ill; I just need some time to finish recovering. I'm fortunate that my husband is amazing and is able to take care of everything!  I'm also fortunate that my siblings are here to help, as well as some dear, local friends.  Today finds me counting my abundant blessings.

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