Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: Ice Cream Zhu Zhu Pets

Did you know that Ronald Reagan declared July "National Ice Cream Month" back in 1984?  I confess that I love ice cream and so does my family!  The kids were excited when these adorable new Zhu Zhu pets landed on our doorstep, thanks to Cepia and Mom Select.  Not only were the new pets adorable with their bright colors and patterns, but the ice cream shop was precious!  My favorite was the ice cream truck, complete with a hat for the Zhu Zhu driver. 

(Secret time:  When my boys were little, I always told them the ice cream truck was a "music truck" and said how wonderful it was that they drove around sharing music in the evenings.  In my defense, the ice cream trucks that drive in our area are not as cute as the Zhu Zhu one, nor as normal-looking as the ones I remember from childhood.  It's an old, beat up van that looks pretty creepy.)

All the kids had fun playing with this new set, and Lydia had a few preschool friends over one afternoon to try them out as well.  They all declare them cute and fun.  They had the fun a while back, but my kidney problems delayed the review.  Here's Lydia's video review:

You can find them at all major retailers, including Amazon. They would make a great gift for a summer birthday child, or for anyone who loves ice cream!

Disclosure: I received the ice cream set and Zhu Zhu pets from Mom Select and Cepia to facilitate this review.  No additional compensation was provided.

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