Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Full Week of Summer Break

Last spring, I had this mantra of "No Summer Activities."  I was feeling burned out running around to all the different kid activities, and I was looking forward to a laid back summer.  When I ended up in the hospital the last week of school, it began our laid back summer -- but not quite in the way that I expected!  Thankfully, now that we are reaching the end of summer break, I am healthy again (mostly) but it definitely wasn't the way I expected summer to be with me spending a good portion of it in bed!

The kids haven't been deprived this summer.  My brother was able to take them to the "Summer Movie Series" each Friday.  I recovered just in time to take Nate to Fort Worth, TX.  Last week, the boys attended a "Film Camp" through Actor's Youth Theatre which was great fun for them as they created funny and creative short films with a group of talented kids. (Nate is even considering trying out for Aladdin in January!  Colin isn't so sure about acting on stage)  And, this weekend we're taking our annual weekend at the Arizona Grand Resort (hopefully the forecasted thunderstorms will skip over the resort)

Next week, I have some work to do -- but I do have one full day that is free and the boys have asked to visit the dinosaur museum (otherwise known as the Arizona Natural History Museum)   And, then the next week we have "Meet the Teachers" (during the morning -- which I find odd.  Aren't most 'meet the teachers' done in the evening?" and school starts on August 10.

Are you ready for school to start?  My boys are ready to go back, and are excited about their teacher assignments.  Nate is looking forward to club soccer and Colin is looking forward to orchestra, chess club and String Project.  Not to leave Lydia out, she is looking forward to t-ball and formal dance lessons.

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