Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Post: Home Run Derby

This is a guest post by my 10 year old, Colin.  He is taking a journalism class and was excited to write this post for my blog.  The photos were taken by my 9 year old, Nate -- except for the one of the three of them, which was snapped by a kind person at the stadium.

My father, brother and I all went to the Home Run Derby at Chase Stadium in Phoenix, AZ a couple days ago!  It was fun.

I've never seen so many homeruns in my life.  The longest streak of home runs was 12.  It was done by Robinson Cano. The players competing were the best home run hitters in the MLB.

Everyone booed Prince Fielder and Ricky Weeks because Fielder chose Weeks over Justin Upton and it ticked a ton of people off.  I was one of them!  Lots of people in the audience were chanting "Justin Upton" when Weeks went up to hit. He only hit 3 home runs and was out in the first round.

In the finals, Adrian Gonzalez and Robinson Cano hit. The winner of the Derby was Robinson Cano, who plays for the NY Yankees.

We took the Tempe Light Rail to the stadium and back.  It was the first time we ever rode on the train. it was loud, crammed and uncomfortable. On the way back to our car, we had to stand because there were no seats.  Other than that the light rail was cool, as well as the Home Run Derby.  I'm really glad my Dad delayed his business trip by a day so he could take us.


  1. Great post, Colin! You captured the fun and excitement of the Home Run Derby perfectly. Thank you.

  2. Hello Colin, I'm happy that you've experience riding a train. You also did a very nice post here. Thanks! :D


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