Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tell Me Thursday - Hospital Bill

When I was in Wisconsin last week, my mom & I were looking at some old photographs and this bill was included with the pictures.  It's the invoice from my mom's birth and I found it fascinating!

My grandmother stayed in the hospital for 7 days with my mom, and the total bill for those 7 days came to $92.10!

When I gave birth to Colin in 2000, the hospital bill was around $35,000 -- but that was an emergency c-section.  In 2002, Nate's bill was right around $10,000 for a natural delivery.

I stayed in the hospital 3 days after Colin's birth and around 36 hours after Nate's birth.

It almost makes me wish I had saved those bills!  I can't imagine what my grandchildren's births will cost!

I used the Dollar Times inflation calculator to see what $92.10 would be in 2010, and came up with $849.95.  That's a far cry from $10,000!


  1. That IS interesting! Times have certainly changed... LOL!

  2. It's almost nauseating. Paisley was in the nursery for 4 hours...I was really sick and the nurse came in, in the middle of the night and TOOK her. She needed her blood drawn for Jaundice, but still...I was sleeping. And even after they kept her because she said I needed my rest. Maybe so...but still. That trip cost was $350.

    Forget the delivery, epidural, the fact that I was in the hospital for 2 days before she was born, needed a blood transfusion and then got sick afterwards and was there for an addition 3 days. LOL


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