Saturday, May 01, 2010

Wrapping Up Another School Year

This was a different homeschooling year, as we depended on the district's online curriculum for the first time for the bulk of the boys' learning.  We knew I would work more this year, and thought it would be a good tool for us so I would have less planning and the boys could be more independent in their schooling.

They both did very well, and we are getting ready to put a wrap on this school year as they have completed all the necessary work to advance a grade level. It has been challenging some weeks as my hours have been steadily increasing, but they have put forth strong effort and have stayed well ahead of the requirements. They have finished up their work with a month left in the school year!

They both have recently expressed an interest in learning Latin, so I have purchased a Latin reader and workbook that they can do over the summer.  It's wonderful to see their enthusiasm for learning, and this desire for learning Latin came from them alone -- as I had only briefly considered it a year ago.

This ends our current homeschooling journey. I feel sad in many ways about this decision, but we have always said that we would take it one year at a time. We have made the decision to enroll them next year at our local public school.

Contrary to what people assume -- it is NOT because I think they are getting too old for me to teach. It is NOT because I am tired of teaching them at home and think it's time they get out of the house and my hair. It is NOT because they don't have enough opportunities to socialize.

I am perfectly capable to continue teaching them all they need to learn, and helping them find the knowledge they seek about pretty much any subject. I love helping them learn, and consider it one of my greatest triumphs that I helped both of them learn to read. I enjoy spending time with my children, and will miss the hours we've spent together.  My boys have some very good friends, and are perfectly capable of carrying on conversations with a variety of people.

The simple truth is that our family dynamic has changed, and my increasing workload has brought us to the decision that they should enter school in the fall.   We're hoping that this allows us more free family time, without lessons squeezed in after work and on the weekends.  The scheduling of Nate's speech therapy will be woven into his school day, and we won't have to juggle appointments to get him there.

Homeschooling worked best for us the last 4 years, but it's time for a change. I will miss it, but I'm excited to be with my boys as they have new experiences and opportunities. We will continue to provide multiple opportunities for them to learn, and will continue supporting their quest for knowledge in every way we can.  In no way will I ever abdicate my responsibility for their education.

For now?  We're going to celebrate the completion of another great year.  I haven't quite figured out what that celebration will be, but it will be a big one as this is a major milestone for us all.


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    All the best to all of you. I know from what you've written that the last 4 years have been a wonderful ride. I hope the boys transition really well to school next year. Actually, I know they will. When my mom taught 4th grade, I'm sure you would have been the kind of teacher whose advancing 3rd graders she would have been really happy to have in her class.

  2. Awesome post, Melanie. I know it will be a big change for you all, but it sounds like you've prepared your kids beautifully. I hope the transition goes amazingly smooth. Good luck!

  3. Your children are going to be well prepared for their new learning experience because of the learning they have done at home with you. Great job, Mama!!

  4. Wow MEl! Congrats boys. You'll love the new challenge of school and do great. Mel, how will you feel when it is time for Lydia to go to school? I know how special the time you spent with the boys was. Won't you miss that with Lydia? I know you'll connect in other ways but I got the vibe that it was a great time and experience with them and you truly enjoyed it!


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