Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Date Night!

Friday night, Bo & I had the pleasure of going backstage with Jason Aldean, and then enjoying his concert (as well as Brooks & Dunn!) at the Cricket Pavilion. We were the guests of Country Financial and their Road Trips & Guitar Picks program, and we had a fantastic time!

The night started with heading to a backstage area where they were serving delicious appetizers and drinks. We grabbed some food and chatted with some of the other people that were there thanks to Country Financial. We had the chance to have our picture taken with Jason Aldean -- who was a very sweet, friendly young man.

After everyone had the chance to have a picture with Jason, he and 2 of his band members treated us all to a private rendition of "Big Green Tractor" and then did a brief Q&A session.  He shared that his musical influences were Alabama and Lynrd Skynrd and also that his dad helped him learn guitar chords by writing them out on a piece of notebook paper.

He headed off to get ready for his concert, while we ate a few more appetizers and had another drink.  We signed the big poster for his concert tour. Soon, we were encouraged to head to our seats so we did.  The Cricket Pavilion is an outdoor venue, so I was glad we grabbed a couple water bottles to take to our seats!

We sat next to the nicest couple (he is a VP at Country Financial, and his wife was so friendly & fun! I really enjoyed sharing the concert with them.) and thoroughly enjoyed the concert.  Jason and his band were full of energy and full of smiles throughout the concert.  Everyone enjoyed their music and there was plenty of dancing and singing along.  The songs that seemed to have the biggest crowd reaction were "She's Country" and "Big Green Tractor." It was fun when they ended their set with Kid Rock's "Cowboy."


We had an absolutely wonderful night, and feel very fortunate that we were given this opportunity. The only thing that could have made the night better is if our kids could have joined us. They all love music, and I think Nate would have been in awe of Jason's acoustic guitar.  We did get them t-shirts, though, which they were happy to model!

You can visit the Road Trips & Guitar Picks website and enter for a chance to win a trip to see Jason Aldean or Jewel in concert! I know you would have a fabulous time!  Also, visit the website for information about both artists and backstage information about their concerts.

*Disclosure: In exchange for posting, I received 2 tickets for the backstage event and concert from Country Financial and Road Trips & Guitar Picks.*

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  1. OMGosh!! That sounds like so much fun :) What caught my attention the most of all of these pictures is the one of your children. I cannot get over how much they have grown, especially your oldest. He looks so grown up :)


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