Sunday, May 16, 2010

LeapFrog Tag Reading System?

In 3 different stores recently, Lydia (3), has gravitated towards the LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems that are displayed.  Recently, she snuck away at Best Buy as we were trying to find a multi-CD player for the boys (which, may I say, are now IMPOSSIBLE to find? Without spending upwards of $200? For kids who love to  borrow audiobooks from the library, this is causing serious upset in our house since the current one we have is broken.)

BUT, back to the LeapFrog Tag Reading System! When my boys were young, they had LeapPads that they loved.  I remember they were a big investment (like this system) but they had years of enjoyment from them.

From the description of the Tag, it sounds like I have to be more involved than with the LeapPads. Each Tag holds 10 books, and if you happen to have more than 10 Tag books, then you need to swap them out via computer.  I do like they have books that would interest her -- like Olivia, Fancy Nancy, and Disney Princess books.

I know it's not a replacement for reading to her, but I'll be honest and say that we read quite a bit in this family!  I think she would love the independence this system would give her.

So -- readers -- do you have a LeapFrog Tag reading system?  Tell me your pros & cons! After having to physically remove her last night from the display at Target, I'm leaning towards buying her one, but would love to hear your thoughts!

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