Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - 2006

Play along at Wordless Wednesday!  Come back tomorrow for the story on Tell Me Thursday :)


  1. Dear Melanie,
    Today I received the book that I won and you mailed out to me! :) It is even a hardback!
    I so appreciate your doing all that and I can tell it will be a sweet girls will enjoy it too, so it will be read by many around here.
    That was fun! :) One of these days I'll have to think of a contest giveaway too! I'm such a poke at such things! Take care. Suz

  2. The boys are obviously famous knights of Camelot returning from slaying an evil dragon that was bothering a helpless village?

  3. Great shot! They look like they are ready for Halloween!

  4. Anonymous12:01 PM

    What brave knights they are to have slain a dragon. Is there a tiny damsel in distress lurking somewhere off camera?

  5. Awwww! I remember when my son dressed as a knight. He loved the costume so much he was a knight two years in a row. :)


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