Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vegas Fountains

We had the opportunity for a fully-paid vacation to Vegas this week, so that's where I am! Just in case anyone has been trying to reach me, I wanted to let you know that my internet access is spotty and I'm not able to regularly check emails.

So far, the kids' favorite thing has been the Bellagio fountain show. Lydia started clapping at the end, which was adorable.

We're lucky that we have family in town, so we're off to a family dinner in a few minutes. We haven't seen many of them for many years, so it'll be a fun get together.

I'll be back next week and expect to catch up with everything then!


  1. Wow! What a fabulous treat! Hope you have an ab fab time and please post some pics when you can. Enjoy yourselves, you deserve it!

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    SLOTS! I love 'em!

    Have fun!


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