Monday, February 23, 2009


I sit at my computer, plug in my headphones and put iTunes on shuffle when I am working. It helps muffle the noise of my family, and helps me concentrate.

But, OH, the memories that some of these songs bring! I transferred much of my music to iTunes and sometimes as I'm working I am literally transported to a completely different time and place.

Right now, I've got Sophie B. Hawkins singing in my ears and I am driving down snowy roads in my little blue Escort with no heat -- headed to The Stuffed Mushroom for Ladies Night, or to meet up with a college boyfriend at his house (full of roommates and . . .) There's a palpable ache in my chest when I hear this music and remember the emotions and freedom and loveliness of that point in time.

And, next I've got There Might Be Giants singing "Clap Your Hands" and I can see my boys as much younger versions of themselves dancing, clapping and laughing in our living room. And that ache from earlier loosens a bit, but is replaced with a different kind of emotion and longing.

If Sting sings "Wrapped Around Your Finger" next, I'll be thrown back to high school and memories of my first kiss.

Oh, my, maybe this isn't the best way to concentrate after all. Time to create a playlist that is all about NOW and getting things done :)

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