Saturday, February 21, 2009

Broken Toe

We topped off a busy and hectic week with a trip to Urgent Care. N was in our backyard and a piece of flagstone fell on his foot. There was blood and tears as I quickly loaded all 3 kids into the van for a trip to Urgent Care.

Thankfully, it was at a time when my sister was heading home from work, so she met us at Urgent Care. We switched cars and she brought C & L home while I stayed with N.

He was pretty hysterical, so they took us back right away and started taking care of him. I have nothing but good things to say about the NextCare in Apache Junction! They were wonderful with him - very gentle, kind and caring. Another staff member came with me to fill out the paperwork, so I didn't have to leave him alone.

The nurse practitioner that treated him was fantastic. Instead of a wheelchair, he just picked up N and carried him into the x-ray room. The x-ray showed a break, but it's not displaced and no chips were seen.

His toe was taped up, and I have a referral to a pediatric ortho next week to take another look at his toe. He was very brave through the whole thing, and was in great spirits last night. Until he realized that he won't be able to finish soccer and that was very distressing.

The pain set in during the night last night, and he had a very fitful night. This morning, he's in pain, taking medication, and watching shows. I was worried about keeping him quiet for a few days, but I think it'll be easier than I thought.


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Poor N! Please tell him Rocky will be praying for him tonight with us! OUCH!

  2. Thanks, Alexa! He suffered mightily today - I hope it'll be better tomorrow!

  3. Oh bless him, poor lad, i will pray for his healing and for that awful pain to diminish!

  4. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Thank you, Deb! The poor thing is so surprised by the pain :(


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