Friday, May 09, 2008

Review: Cranergy Energy Drink


That sums up my feelings about Ocean Spray's new Cranergy drink. Ocean Spray sent me two 12oz bottles to try through Mom Central and I was thrilled to receive them. I really like cranberry juice, and I was eager to try this new drink spiked with B vitamins and green tea extracts.

It didn't disappoint. The taste is fresh, crisp and light. Each bottle had only 50 calories, thanks to Splenda, so I didn't feel a sugar rush / crash after drinking them.

There are 2 flavors -- cranberry and cranberry raspberry. I enjoyed both, but have a slight preference for the cranberry raspberry. You can taste a hint of the green tea, which I enjoyed. I often mix cranberry juice with iced tea as a drink, so it was nice to have it ready to go!

You can purchase it in a 46 oz bottle, or a pack of four 12 oz bottles. I picked up some at the grocery store this week and paid $2.50 for a 46 oz bottle. (I struggled with buying the smaller bottles and getting another 2 oz, or buying the larger bottle which used less plastic. I ended up choosing the larger bottle and less plastic.)

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