Wednesday, May 14, 2008

busy day

  • L had her one year checkup at 8:15. She weighed 19lbs 8oz, which puts her almost in the 25 percentile -- which is perfect for her. I can't remember her height, but that was also 25%, as was her head circumference. My only concern was that her soft spot is still very noticeable, but the doc was not concerned.
  • Attended our final church mom's group meeting until the fall. We had one new mom attend! woot! Every time I think of dissolving the group (I started it 4 years ago), something happens to make me keep it going.
  • Came home and nursed L to her nap, until I shifted wrong and completely startled her awake. Attempted to get her back to sleep for too long and finally gave up.
  • Made my bed.
  • Threw L's laundry into the washer.
  • Researched some information for my parents and left them a message.
  • Went to the grocery store to purchase the decorations for N's construction truck cake. (come tomorrow for pictures!) Picked up milk and a few other necessities, but L hates riding in the cart so I didn't get much. I usually shop with my sister so one of us can carry L.
  • Filled up my gas tank. OUCH. $3.49/gallon. On Saturday I paid $3.45/gallon. I went 12 days before I needed to fill up, but then we did a lot of driving this weekend and the station on Saturday would only let me put in $50 worth of gasoline.
  • Paid a local bill. I wish they would accept payments online, as this is the only bill we have that I have to actually write a check!
  • Stopped by the post office to mail back netflix movies.
  • Wrapped N's birthday gifts (he turns 6 tomorrow.) He's getting a sewing kit (the boy has been asking to learn how to sew for way too long! I found a cute kit discounted 80%), a model car (I should link to them, but don't have time right now. They're really neat!), and a monster truck Wii game. He should be happy. I also got him a ukelele (he wants a guitar), but the string is broken and I haven't had a chance to return/replace it.
  • Emailed an ebay seller regarding an item that is slightly defective. DH got me a photography backdrop so I can stop borrowing my friend's. I was excited, but there's a smudge on the white side :(
  • Watered the potted plants.
  • Threw L's laundry into the dryer.
  • As soon as I hit publish, I'm headed off to pick up the boys from their enrichment program. This is their 2nd to last day of the school year, and I know they're excited!

When I get home, I need to get started on creating N's cake, put away L's clothes, make a couple phone calls, write a couple thank-you notes for L, clean the boys' bath and sweep the kitchen floor.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:39 AM

    So glad that *L* is doing so well.

    It's a shame about the smudge on the backdrop :-(

    All the best for your son's 6th birthday tomorrow! Will hopefully be able to stop by and look at the pics :-)


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