Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

My mom came into town yesterday, so we were able to celebrate Mother's Day together for the first time in 7 years. We also celebrated L's 1st birthday and N's 6th birthday since my parents leave tomorrow for Hawaii.

It was a lovely day. We had a brunch and then had cake for L. Since she was sick on her birthday, this was her first cake and she thought it lovely. I'd upload some pictures, but my hard drive is dangerously full and I need an external drive to transfer my ridiculous number of pictures.

Then, we had dinner outside and N had his cake. We picked both cakes up from a local store because yesterday was crazy busy and I knew I wouldn't have the chance to make cakes. N's cake had a military theme and he loved it! There was a small tank, helicopter and armored vehicle sitting on top of the cake.

My boys made me beautiful artwork and cards and also got me a yellow rose bush, 2 ice plants and an oregano plant. They got me another rose bush about 3 years ago and it blooms beautifully year round.

I'm exhausted right now and am looking forward to snuggling down with L & my DH to watch a movie. I hope everyone else celebrated a lovely Mother's Day!

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