Friday, April 25, 2008

Review: Special K Bliss Bars

L turns one next week and I haven't lost any weight in months. In fact, I've gained a few pounds back, which is frustrating. Well, I guess it would be frustrating if I was actually working towards losing weight! BUT, I am working towards losing more weight and I was thrilled when Kelloggs sent me 2 boxes of their new Special K Bliss Bars.

These bars are only 90 calories, and they have a chocolate coating on the bottom! They are made of puffed rice cereal and fruit bits, and are lighter than a granola or protein bar. There are 2 flavors -- orange and raspberry.

I tried the orange bars first and was pleased with the orange flavor. It wasn't too strong, but it was clearly orange (which I love.) Later the same day, I tried a raspberry one and liked that, too! If I had to pick one over the other, I would choose orange -- but I will happily eat both flavors.

These are perfect for me to throw in my diaper bag or purse so I can have a quick snack while we're out. I have a sweet tooth, and tend to want chocolate or other sweets when I'm stressed. This bar is a great alternative to a full-size candy bar!

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