Monday, April 28, 2008


That's how much it cost me this morning to fill our minivan with gasoline. I haven't filled the tank in a long time (instead I put in 7-10 gallons at a time), but with the prices continuing to rise, I decided I may as well fill it when the gas was only $3.35/gallon.

ONLY $3.35/gallon.

Ouch! I realize it costs more in other places, and I realize that as Americans we've been "spoiled" with inexpensive gasoline for a long time. But, it still hurts. Living where we live, there isn't public transportation and we're not within walking distance to stores. I am fortunate that we do have grocery stores within 5 miles, but I have cut our driving so much in the last couple years that I can't cut it any more. I remember feeling the pinch when gas was $2.25/gallon and curtailing many of our playdates with friends who lived more than 15 miles away!

I combine our errands as much as possible, and try to stay home as many days as possible to avoid driving. I really don't know how else to cut our gasoline needs at this point!

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