Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A few travel tips

I thought I'd post a few of the things I learned (or was reminded of) during our recent travel.

  • Wear clothing with pockets for going through airport security! This is something I didn't do, and almost lost my photo ID as I was trying to keep track of my kids, our carry-ons, the baby, the boarding passes and the stroller. Thankfully, a kind TSA agent found it and caught up with me so I didn't end up stranded in NC. If I had been wearing something with pockets, I could have slipped it into my pocket.
  • Buy diapers when you arrive. Carry only enough diapers for your travel (plus 3 more) and buy diapers at your destination.
  • Let your older children (ages 4 and up) carry their own carry-on. My boys carry a backpack and do a great job of keeping track of it.
  • Pay careful attention to what is packed in the carry-ons. While my boys carry their carry-ons, I pack them. Each boy had their favorite stuffed animal, blanket, travel pillow, snacks, colored pencils, sketchpad, empty water bottle, book, MP3 player and DS. Everything they could possibly need for a 14 hour trip! (time it took between leaving our house, flying on 2 airplanes and then making a 2 hour drive to our destination.) I fill the water bottles once we get through security, and I carry those packets of powdered flavoring for my picky kids (okay, and me!)
  • Take a stroller AND a sling if you're traveling with a small child. While L did sit in the stroller part of the time, we used it more often to carry our bags. I did have to put my maya wrap through the x-ray machine, though -- the ring wouldn't go through the security machine while I was wearing it. We gate-checked our stroller with no problems.
  • Check your boarding passes so you understand where you're sitting. I did this before we got to the airport, but a man traveling with his 2 young sons obviously never even looked at his until they got on the plane. They had split them into 3 separate rows, which obviously wouldn't work! People were kind enough to move around so they sat together, but it could have been handled before they got on the plane.
I know I'll think of more, but that'll do it for now!

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