Tuesday, January 16, 2007

where'd the week go?

I'm still here.

The stomach bug N and I had lasted forever . . . well, a full 7 days anyway! It was the worst stomach bug I ever had! Thankfully C & DH did not get sick, but just dealing with myself was tiring enough.

I completed some paperwork that has needed to be done for over 3 years. That was my big accomplishment for the week ;) I wish I could say I didn't have any other overdue paperwork in my office, but that wouldn't be true. I WILL have it done by Feb 15, though - no matter WHAT!!!!!

My stomach bug is over, but I feel tired and cranky. I think it's just pregnancy and hormones, though. Poor DH is getting the brunt of most of my crankiness, but the boys have felt it as well. Which just makes me feel like a lousy mother and wife . . . and wonder what I could be doing having another child . . . and well, can you tell I'm still cranky and let's add a dose of self-pity on top? bleck. I'm not especially thrilled with myself at the moment.

We went and looked at more houses on Monday. By moving about 20 miles further "out", we could purchase a house that is twice as big as our current house for about $50K less than we could sell our current house for. The temptation is high . . . but a big part of me would also like to stay put. We have an awesome rate on our mortgage, and rates are just not that low anymore. We have an awesome backyard, and a new house would not have a lot as big as our current one. Our utility bills would be higher in a bigger house. Our taxes would be higher in a bigger house. We would be farther away from stores, the zoo, etc.

BUT, we would have more than enough room for our family. Each child could have their own bedroom, plus we'd have an office, plus we'd have a living room and a family room, plus a loft room that could be used as a playroom. I'd have room to put a piano. I'd have plenty of places to put lots of bookshelves. This is the floorplan we're considering. This is another floorplan we're considering. The cost is higher, but it's a bit closer to where we live now. (For comparison - here's our current floorplan. The house we live in now is just over 1600 sq feet.)

Thinking about it adds to my stress. DH wants to make the move; I'm torn.

Need to feed the boys dinner. I think I'll feed them and put us all to bed.

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  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Hope you are feeling 100% soon...well, as 100% as one can feel when pregnant, lol.

    I'm no help on the house thing - we think the exact same things over and over and can't make a decision. We have a little less square footage than you, but I don't know if I'm ready to be cleaning almost 3000 square feet either!!


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