Wednesday, January 03, 2007

diaper bag

I'm currently coveting this diaper bag.

Me -- who has told countless people -- "Oh, a backpack really was the best diaper bag I could have used!"

I received a cute Winnie the Pooh diaper bag at my baby shower with Colin. When that wore out, I purchased a simple navy bag from W*llyworld for something like $15. Then, I went to a backpack I picked up on clearance frome JCP for less than $5. (I still carry that bag, too! It's been an awesome backpack.)

I really intended on sticking with my backpack -- until I saw this bag. It's a Kecci bag (no real clue who they are?) It converts from a messenger style to a backpack style. Oh, and it's pink (in case you couldn't tell.) It's also crazy expensive - at least to me. With shipping, it'll be over $60!! I know there are diaper bags out there going for over $100 -- in fact, a friend has one that cost almost $200 -- but for someone who has never paid more than $15 for a diaper bag, this seems extravagant.

This bag is reviewed as very roomy, and comes with lots of pockets and a changing pad! I have another few months (btw, Alexa, my due date is 5/16) so I'll wait to see if I'm still lusting after this bag when I'm closer to needing it. This may end up being my big splurge for this baby, who knows?

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  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I do! I do like this bag! I would carry it in a mall or in a hall, I do so like this bag...



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