Wednesday, January 24, 2007

mish mash

  • We stopped at a restaurant a couple nights ago for dinner. It had been a long day, and I'm sure I looked beat . . . but the waitress said to me (as she looked at my stomach) as we sat "You just need to say NO to him!" -- I guess in response to my 2 young boys and burgeoning belly. Ummm, I did not leave a tip.

  • I have a most wonderful husband. He is always encouraging me to rest and/or nap. He never complains about bringing home dinner, or the fact that my meal-making abilities are rather invisible these days.

  • N's favorite book at the moment is Armored Fighting Vehicles, which he chose from a bargain book shelf a few months ago. He flips through the book, then brings it to either me or DH and asks us to read a page that he "is most in-nerested in." I've learned more about tanks and rocket launchers than I knew possible! LOL

  • My oldest is a CCD dropout. Ugh. Unfortunately, we all managed to sleep through his class at church again! We cover more at home religious-ed wise though, than he was getting in this class, so I'm not overly concerned about it. They're not even trying to teach them any prayers -- and he knows quite a few already. We may try again next year, when sleeping in will be pretty difficult with an infant.

  • Even though I think we're not covering enough in regards to homeschooling, C is reading very well and zipping through the math info we have. I guess we're doing more than I think!

  • My parents will be here Monday. I should get all the rest this week that I can!

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