Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Our dog, Julianna (a white boxer), ran away on Sunday. This picture is a couple years old, but she loves our boys and has put up with them since they were born -- and this picture reminds me of that.

We got her as a puppy our first Christmas after we married, so we've had her since 1997. As a pup, she used to ride to work with me in a laundry basket and keep me company in our office. She is a good protector, and prefers her entire family to be together in the same room so she can truly rest.

This past Sunday, DH was working in the yard and left for some supplies. Inadvertently, he left one of the gates open. About 30 minutes later, I realized she wasn't by my side, so I went to look for her and found the gate open and no dog. I called urgently for her, and our dear neighbors actually hopped in their truck to look for her. When DH got home, he & the boys went out looking as well.

DH felt horrible since he left the gate open. I admit to feeling a bit of ambivalence -- she is microchipped, so I knew if someone picked her up, they'd be able to call us once she was scanned. My biggest fears were that she would either get hit by a car, or wander into the desert and tangle with a coyote or 2.

On Monday morning, both boys woke up and were very sad that Julianna was still gone. They both thought they heard her before they woke, and were tearful when they realized it was only their "memory." We talked about having positive thoughts about her coming home, and saying a prayer that she would be taken in by a kind family who would return her.

Monday evening there was a knock at our door and a young boy was there with our Julie on a leash. She only wandered a few streets away and a very kind family took her in for the night. The family owned 2 boxers, and I guess our boxer refused to eat the dog food they had -- so the young boy said they gave her some steak!!! He got home from school and began walking through the streets trying to find her owner. Another of our neighbors saw him, and said "Hey! I know that dog!" and directed him to our home.

The boys (and I and DH) are THRILLED that she is back home. Even though I grouse about the dog hair on everything . . . I do love our dog.


  1. I'm so glad your much loved hound was reunited with you all, it must have been so distressing for the kid's :-(

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Hey Mel! PLEASE send me your snail mail address...I have a little sumpin' fer ya to send off asap.


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