Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day and misc stuff

I'm saying a special prayer to all the veterans and all those who have served in our armed forces today. Especially my brother - currently serving in Kuwait, my cousins who have served, my grandfathers, my great-uncles, my uncle, my father-in-law, my husband, and our dear friends.

And how nice for all the people who were given my birthday off yesterday as a holiday. LOL!

My boys are currently picking up all the misc stray toys that have gathered in my bedroom. I offered a penny a toy, so they're shouting out how many pieces they've picked up. They're up to 19 at the moment. Between K'nex and legos, I may be out a whole dollar before this mission is completed.

People keep asking me if I'm hoping for a girl this pregnancy. I reply that we're just happy that our family is growing. I think it's a rude question. If truth be told, however, I'd like another boy. I'm used to boys. Another boy can easily be fit into the bedroom, and we can keep the playroom. I was shocked when I found out C was a boy. At the time, I assumed that I would have a girl! What was I going to do with a boy? LOL! Then, with N, even though we had a couple ultrasounds, I still kept thinking he might be born and we'd find a girl instead. NOW, that I'm perfectly content with the idea of 3 boys, I'll probably have a girl. The boys want a sister. C tells people - "I already have a brother, we need a sister now."

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