Saturday, November 18, 2006

short shirts?!

Who decided that shorter maternity shirts were a good idea?

Thank goodness I kept my maternity clothes from my previous pregnancies! I picked up a couple new shirts to go with the clothes I had, and they are a good 2 inches shorter than the ones I had previously (and they're a size larger!) I'm not showing very much yet, but they are just more comfortable. I already spend my time tugging the new shirts down in the front. I can't wait until I'm 25 weeks and the shirts won't even cover the bottom of my belly. URGH!!!

And, the jumpers/dresses I've found are short in length - like above the knee?! I like to wear them about mid-calf, but it looks like I'm out of luck unless I suddenly learn to sew, or find someone to sew some for me.


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I hear ya!! At the same time the shirts got shorter, the only pants you can find are the under the belly type. Who designed this stuff anyway?? I was VERY lucky to have a box of loaned "old fashioned" maternity clothes for my last pg. The rest I scrounged on ebay. Learning to sew is looking better and better lately! :)

  2. No kidding. I guess it's better than the old fashioned nautical themes in maternity wear...(we are pregnant, we are not boats)but not MUCH better.


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