Monday, November 13, 2006

new things

Yesterday, we visited that pizza place with the mouse and the games as an early celebration for C's birthday. The boys had a wonderful time. It was not crowded, and C hit the jackpot a few times with big ticket wins. N discovered he loves to play air hockey. It was a fun afternoon.

Almost next door, there was a store going out of business. I thought it was an art store - but it ended up being a furniture/accessory store. My sister wanted to stop in to see if they had any good deals, so we did. DH & I ended up buying all new living room furniture! LOL! We were just wandering around, looking at different stuff, when I happened to sit in a leather rocker/recliner. It was SO comfortable! The price was right, too, so I told DH I needed it. It is almost black - I guess the actual color is a very dark brown, but it looks black. We realized it wouldn't match our existing couch, but I didn't care. All I could imagine was nursing in this comfortable rocker and I knew it had to be mine.

It was part of a set with a couch and a loveseat, but DH really didn't like how dark it was (our current couch is a soft, light tan leather.) I wasn't crazy about the color either - but did I mention how I wanted that rocker?

After much searching, we found another couch that was two-toned, but would match the rocker. I wanted all leather (it's easy to care for!) but this couch has microfiber for the cushions, with leather for the sides and back. The colors were good, though, and we found a big, soft ottoman that can go in front of it. I just hope the dog and the kids don't spoil the microfiber quickly, and make me regret the purchase.

We ended up purchasing 2 of the rockers, the couch and the ottoman. I'm excited about the new furniture and can't wait to see it in the living room! DH is off picking it up as I type this. I think we got a fairly good deal on all the pieces.

C is very upset and does not want to give up our current furniture. He's claiming that we will ruin his birthday if we put it in the living room today. He argues that the couch will be too small (our current couch seats 4, the new couch seats 3.) He argues that we need the futon. The poor child is so very sensitive. I just hope I can quickly find new homes for the old furniture!

Well, I need to finish picking up so we can move things around and arrange our new furniture!

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