Saturday, September 16, 2006


This past week has been pretty useless. I let Wednesday's ultrasound bum me out, even though I realize that it might be perfectly right. I may only be 5 weeks along! But, my morning sickness has also pretty much disappeared . . . and 5 weeks seems pretty early for that to abate.

We did homeschooling this week, but it was very laid back. I didn't clean house at all, or do laundry . . . but I am in the midst of piles of clean laundry right now. I also plan to give the house a quick run through this evening after the boys are in bed, so we can start the week off with clean clothes, and a neat home.

The highlight of the week was our plants being delivered and planted in the backyard around the pool! The pool is still not finished, but if all goes well - it SHOULD be next week.

The weather is starting to cool off - which means trips to the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo are in our near future. I'm hoping that we can make a visit next week to at least one of those places. I've missed them over the summer ;)

This coming week WILL be better. There is nothing I can do, and moping/worrying won't change reality. I need to pick up and carry on. I need to move forward, assume the baby is growing as it should, and do all I can to remain healthy and positive.

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  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Been thinking of you, Mel...

    Praying too that everything is going okay.

    God bless.


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