Tuesday, September 26, 2006

cleaning help

I'm on the look-out for cleaning help again.

Years ago, when DH & I were first married, we had a fantastic cleaning lady. She was referred to us by a friend, and she was wonderful. She was willing to do anything . . . she cleaned out the refrigerator, organized cabinets, folded laundry, did the dishes, etc. Her hourly rate was unbelievably reasonable, and she was fast! I loved her! But, unfortunately, we moved away from the area.

When we first lived in AZ, and I started working part-time, we hired M*rry M*ids. They did basic cleaning only - no dishes, or laundry, etc. but they did a good job of major cleaning and it was worth the $$$ we paid to have them come twice a month. It was nothing like our previous cleaning lady - but it was worth it to us. I can't remember exactly when we stopped using them, but I'm sure it was because our finances had taken a hit.

Fast forward 7 years and I'm looking for another great referral. I can't keep up and I can't stand the mess. I want (and need?) someone who will come in and take care of the dishes and basics -- but I'm willing to have someone who will come and do major cleaning only.

I'm fortunate that my husband is not the type to complain or snipe . . . but I do believe we all deserve a nice house to live in. I'm just not capable right now of doing it, and I realize I need to ask for help. DH is willing, to a point, but he's busy with work and outside chores. It doesn't make me less of a wife or mother . . . it will make me a better wife and mother when I don't have the added stress of not being able to stay on top of things! (Can you hear me trying to convince myself of this? arggghhhh)

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