Thursday, September 07, 2006

caught up

I'm happy to say that after a slow start this week, we managed to almost catch up with what I wanted to accomplish. The only thing lacking is the completion of the art project -- and that's because I can't find the supplies! I bought some remnants last week, and left them in the van. When I went to get them . . . they were gone! Which probably means that B took them out. I just don't know where he put them, and he claims he didn't touch them. (I'm sure he did, and he put them down, but it never registered in his head that he even had them, since he didn't even know what they were. He was trying to help by bringing things in out of the van.) I'm sure they'll turn up quickly, but I was hit with a wave of exhaustion late afternoon and decided to leave it be.

Tomorrow I've got our mom's group meeting and then the boys would like to visit the natural history museum.

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