Saturday, May 06, 2006

cooking update

I'm done cooking!


1 batch of yellow cupcakes & 1 batch of chocolate cupackes (48 total) frosted with blue buttercream frosting (piped on with star tip) and topped with animal picks.

A huge batch of pasta salad.

A huge batch of Greek chicken salad made with grilled chicken breasts, feta cheese, olives, cucumber, yogurt, garlic & oregano. It's yummmmmy. I will serve pita breads with it.

I hope I have enough food. We're expecting 20 people.

My kitchen is a mess. I'm buying vegetable & fruit platters . . . yes, it will probably cost more than if I was to cut it up myself, but I can't stand another moment. I really hope my doc visit on Monday provides some plan for relief as the pain just keeps getting worse.

I need to find a couple boxes to box up all the stuff I need to carry over there tomorrow and then I hope to rest this evening. I imagine I'll be on my feet a lot tomorrow again and Monday will find me using my cane again . . . which I dislike immensely.

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