Wednesday, May 17, 2006

ABC meme

As seen at Amy's and Alexa's:

Accent: pretty much none. Sometimes my WI accent slides out when I’ve been talking to family from there a lot (I expect to come back from my trip with it.) I do still say “ya’ll” from the years spent down south. I just don’t know what pronoun to use instead anymore. Moving around as much as I have has pretty much gotten ridden of most accents.

Bible Book that I like: Luke is my favorite gospel writer – I love his Christmas story the most.

Chore I don’t care for: cleaning floors. DH does it.

Dog or Cat: Dog! I’m allergic to cats – but I’m also tired of dog hair. I have no desire to get another pet when J’s time is up. (is that terrible?)

Essential Electronics: microwave, slow cooker, computer, DVR

Favorite Cologne: none. When I was deep in dealing with 2 babies, I used to love to slather myself with J&J baby lavender bedtime lotion. It was yummy to me!

Gold or Silver: mostly gold, but I also have some special pieces of silver

Handbag I Carry Most Often: black leather bag – backpack style. It fits everything I need.

Insomnia: Before the last couple years, I would have said never. The last couple years – semi-regularly. I find the herb valerian helps.

Job Title: household manager, domestic engineer, wife, mom

Kids: 2 bundles of energy - boys

Living Arrangements: own 1600 sq ft of southwestern style home with a HUGE yard, esp. for new homes in AZ

Most Admirable Trait: loyalty

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: ?? I wasn’t a very naughty child

Overnight Hospital Stays: broken ankle 8/99, C & N’s births – 11/00 and 5/02

Phobias: family dying

Quote: But it is always possible to be thankful for what is given rather than to complain about what is not given. One or the other becomes a habit of life. --Elisabeth Elliot

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: one sister, 11 years younger; one brother, 12 years younger. And, yes, we get along very well and always have. I know people are sometimes surprised by that - but we're very close.

Time I Wake Up: varies widely – anywhere between 7 and 9:30AM. I go through spurts of either staying up late with DH or getting up early in the morning. More time with DH usually wins out. I do NOT sleep later than my kids though - don't think I let them get up and wander around while I stay in bed. They go through phases where they will sleep 13 hours though, which means they sleep till 9:30 as well.

Unusual Talent or Skill: planning (and throwing!) themed parties

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: spinach

Worst Habit: procrastinating (like right now – I should be packing!)

X-rays: dental, ankle, hip, neck

Yummy Stuff I Cook: Hanukah apple cake, bourbon pecan chocolate pie

Zoo Animal I Like Most: orangutans

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