Tuesday, May 16, 2006

busy week, and then vacation

It's a busy week this week -- we had the celebrations for N's birthday yesterday. Today was shopping & lunch with a dear friend, then home for 2 appointments with pool salesmen. Tomorrow there's a meeting with our priest about next year's religious ed classes, and then I have a tutoring session with a young girl. Thursday N has his 4 year well child visit. In between, I need to clean the house (want to leave a clean house for hubby), make about two dozen phonecalls, pick up some last minute things I need to take, do all the laundry, pack for myself & the boys for 10 days, and make a final decision about our backyard pool before I leave. Oh, and find jackets since it's been chilly in WI.

We're headed to Wisconsin on Friday until Memorial Day. It'll be N's first trip to WI, and C's first trip since he was about 6 months old. There will be lots of visiting with family and friends, and hopefully we'll be able to spend some time at local museums.

I'm looking forward to it and expect to have lots of fun. It'll be great for the boys to visit Grandma's house instead of her always visiting us.

I'll be back in June! I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day!

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