Monday, April 17, 2006

gobbledy gook

Um, I couldn't think of a title for this post . . . because it won't really have much of a theme . . . hence "gobbledy gook".

Saturday we dyed eggs. We did it outside under the gazebo and the boys had a lot of fun. Last year, I dyed them after they were in bed, so they were excited to be part of it this year.

Easter was lovely. The boys did a fantastic job of hunting out the 50 eggs hidden in the backyard. If C found 2 close to each other, he offered one to N, which I found adorable. I was also amazed that when they emptied their eggs, the goodies were evenly split. I was afraid one would end up with multiples, but that didn't happen. (The eggs were filled with pop-up figurines, bouncy balls, coins, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and stickers.)

Then, they came inside and hunted for their baskets! As they were emptying the baskets, I realized that there were 2 bags in my closet with more things that were intended for their baskets! (mini kites and playmobil people) Whoops!! I guess I have small treats to dole out this summer, or I can put them away for Christmas stockings. They had plenty of stuff as it was -- their baskets were full of: superhero capes, tapes of Peter Rabbit & friends stories, bug/snake/frog magnets, anteater & orangutan figurines, egg shaped chalk, pop up figurines, stuffed bunny, Thomas train in egg, new toothbrush, chocolate bunnies, and a handful of chocolate eggs & jellybeans in the basket.

The boys were good about choosing shirts without characters for church. I didn't buy special Easter outfits this year. They're both growing so fast, and I just couldn't see spending the money on something they'd only wear once. They have some nice clothes that were appropriate, but just not fancy.

In the afternoon, we went geocaching for the first time! The boys kept calling it "treasure hunting" and had a blast! We found 2 out of 3 caches that we searched for. I think this is something we'll keep doing. It's a perfect activity for us! Doesn't cost a thing, engages the brains, and gets some exercise to boot!

For dinner, we went out with my sister to Pasta Pomodoro. When my mom talked to me, she said "Himmm, I can't wait to hear how that is. Do you think they'll have a special menu?" And I replied "I hope not! I just want my squash ravioli!" My sister said when she talked to her, my mom mentioned how weird it was that we were going there. Whatever! I didn't have to cook or clean up and the boys ate free. Sounds like a fabulous deal to me! For some reason, it really bothered my mom that I didn't cook a big meal for all of us.

But, they DID have my squash ravioli, and the roasted brussel sprouts, so I was happy. The boys ate their usual spaghetti with cheese and meatballs on the side. B had ribeye, and my sis had lasagna. And I didn't have one solitary dish to clean! Wooo Hoooo!

This week? Typical week.

Today, I need to take care of some paperwork and fill out the invitations to my friend D's baby shower. I need to make a few phonecalls. I need to do laundry (as always!) I need to buy some garbage bags, dog food and pull-ups. I need to take the cans & paper for recycling.

Tomorrow we have the boys' preschool class, Wednesday I'm tutoring the little girl across the street, Thursday is open at the moment and Friday the mom's group at my church is supposed to meet.

I need to put some serious thought and possible effort into the mom's group. Our numbers have been dwindling and I have to decide whether or not to keep it going. If I decide to continue next year, I need to find a way to attract more moms. I don't think I want to let it disappear, so I need to find ways to boost membership and develop a plan. We don't meet during the summer, but will start up again in August.

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