Thursday, April 06, 2006

couple prayer

When we used to host "evenings for engaged" at our home, we always shared this poem/prayer with the couples during the session about communication. We encouraged them to turn towards each other, hold hands, and listen carefully. We rarely finished with dry eyes in the room.

I sent a copy of it to my brother and his intended in their wedding card this week. I hope they read it, and thought about what it said. I thought it'd be nice to share it here, too.

A Couple’s Prayer

by Marianne Williamson

Dear God,

Please make our relationship a great and holy adventure.

May our joining be a sacred space.

May the two of us find rest here, a haven for our souls.

Remove from us any temptation to judge one another or to direct one another.

We surrender to You our conflicts and our burdens.

We know You are our Answer and our Rock.

Help us to not forget.

Bring us together in heart and mind as well as body.

Remove from us the temptation to criticize or be cruel.

May we not be tempted by fantasies and projections.

But guide us in the ways of holiness.

Save us from darkness.

May this relationship be a burst of light.

May it be a fount of love and wisdom for us, for our family, for our community, for our world.

May this bond be a channel for Your love and healing, a vehicle of Your grace and power.

As lessons come and challenges grow, let us not be tempted to forsake the other.

Let us always remember that in each other we have the most beautiful woman, the most beautiful man,

The strongest one,

The sacred one in whose arms we are repaired.

May we remain young in this relationship.

May we grow wise in this relationship.

Bring us what You desire for us,

And show us how You would have us be.

Thank You, dear God,

You who are the cement between us.

Thank you for this love.


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