Wednesday, April 19, 2006

colored eggs

My boys love to eat hardboiled eggs. They're kinda like Jack Sprat & his wife in that C only eats the whites, and N only eats the yolks . . . which works out great between the 2 of them. Sometimes they'll eat the whole egg themselves, but usually they pass the offending part on to their brother.

However, N is completely horrified that I am serving them the colored eggs they dyed Saturday. I've tried to explain that it's either eat them or throw them away -- but he's still appalled.

They are having milk, cinammon sugar toast, mandarin oranges, bacon and hard-boiled eggs for dinner tonight. I peeled the eggs before they came in and told him he was eating eggs that I had dyed when he asked. He headed to the refrigerator to check the eggs and seems relieved that *his* eggs are untouched. To be honest, I just grabbed 2 random eggs. I'll deal with the fall-out when I start peeling his.

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