Wednesday, April 26, 2006

corn starch fun

I have always tried to make sure my boys have lots of chances to express themselves artistically. They have free access to markers, crayons, paper, scissors, clay, etc. They don't have quite free access to paint, but when they request it, I usually get it down and let them go at it. They liberally chalk designs on our patio and their playfort. When I saw this recipe for sidewalk paint recently, I knew we had to try it!

After a long, long visit to W*l-M*rt today to get a flat repaired (3 HOURS!!! Ugh!!! For a $6.50 repair) we came home and I mixed up some sidewalk paint. Half of a box of corn starch is gone, and our patio is a virtual rainbow of designs. They loved the feel of the paint on their hands and feet and used brushes liberally as well.

For your own fun:

1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup cold water
food coloring

Mix together and paint! That's it! Half a box of cornstarch made probably 15 batches? I split each batch in 2 and let each boy color as they wanted in small plastic applesauce cups. The paint rinses off easily with water.

Wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

If you double the amount of cornstarch, it makes a wonderful goop to play with. If you add only a couple more tablespoons to the 1/4 cup, it makes a great finger paint. So much versatility for a $1.32 box of cornstarch!

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