Saturday, March 18, 2006

our week

We had a typical, busy week.

Monday . . . we did something, but I just can't quite remember what? It must have just been typical errands - groceries, library, bill paying? B was prepping for a new class (and he has yet another new class next week!) so I know we didn't do anything as a family.

Tuesday . . . we had a pallet of bricks and two tons of flagstone delivered in the morning. We have a very large backyard, which is mostly un-landscaped. Slowly, but surely, we're getting it done and this delivery is a starting point. B will build a patio with the bricks to hold our outside dining table & gazebo. The flagstone will be used in various areas - the center of a garden I've been planning for a while (either herbs or flowers), stepping stones, and other features yet to be determined. We had to purchase an entire pallet to get it delivered - so we ended up with about a ton and 1/2 more than we wanted . . . but I know we'll find a place for it.

In the afternoon, we had lunch with my friend D, and then took the boys to the Arizona Museum for Youth. We had a nice afternoon, and poor D was completely worn out by the time she headed home. She's expecting her first child in June, so the pregnancy tires her out.

Wednesday . . . We stayed home and did home stuff. The boys played in the backyard most of the day, and I should have cleaned house and did laundry . . . but didn't ;(

Thursday . . . We shopped for my friend T, who had her baby last weekend. Josiah is an absolute doll and it was fun to bring her meals for a few days and hang out with her baby. Her 3 year old is adjusting fine so far, and she had a wonderful birth experience.

Friday . . . B only had one call, and that was late, so we all went to the Desert Botanical Garden's plant sale. They had lots of plants available, so we spent a couple hours looking and thinking and finally decided on about $150 worth of desert friendly plants. We still need dirt for the backyard / planting areas, but the plants will last in their containers another couple weeks and we'll get some dirt soon. I would say we'd do it on Monday, but B is teaching a new class this week and will need Monday to prep.

B put together one of the new beds for the boys, and took down the bunk beds. Here was another situation where those extra beds in the master bedroom have been useful! In fact, they've slept in them all week, and I hadn't even bothered to go back to their bedroom. Bedtime had become such a ridiculous battle, but when I gave up trying to put them to sleep/bed in their bunkbeds, the entire routine fell back into place.

Today . . . I'm finally getting to the laundry. (ugh, didn't I just post recently I was back in the laundry groove? I fell out of it again!) B will put up the other bed and we'll put the boys back in there tonight for bedtime. I'm hoping for an easy time of it!

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