Friday, March 24, 2006

noisy things

Why doesn't everything that makes a noise come with an "off" switch?

I'm bothered by sudden household noises. Our doorbell is disconnected. The ringers on our phones are turned off, except for one, and it's on low. I am still trying to figure out how to disconnect the buzzer on the dryer. I just don't like those noises. We got a new fax machine (B needs one for work, and our old one was 10+ years old and gave up). It is connected to the phone line, and there is no way to turn off (or even down) the ringer! It doesn't even have a handset - it's just a fax machine.

So - that's my pet peeve for the day. I won't even get into how I tape and/or prop things up over all the lit things in our bedroom so the lights don't bug me. LOL

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