Wednesday, March 15, 2006

love languages, part 2

I found the quiz in the previous post interesting. Especially interesting since I have read that book. B & I used to talk about it during the "communication" segment of the program we facilitated with engaged couples who were marrying in the Catholic Church. And, never once, in all the discussions about it, did I think that "physical touch" was my first love language. It never even made the top 3!

I think the quiz was very interesting, and allowed me to step back even further and answer honestly to determine my love languages. It was just my own evaluation of my needs/wants in the past - but considering the questions posed, and an even more careful look at myself - I realize the quiz is most likely correct.

Why was I so afraid to admit that to myself? Was it because "men" often have physical touch as their primary love language - so of course I wouldn't? B never chose physical touch as his primary love language either, but I wonder what results will come when he takes the quiz (I sent him the link via email, but he hasn't done it yet)? Personally, I don't think it will be his primary -- I think his main love languages are affirmation and acts of service; but I guess I'll see!

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    Hey there girlie! How d'ya like this one?


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