Monday, March 06, 2006

faith or fashion

found via Musings of a Discerning Woman

Do you wear a cross? Yes. I have 2 different crosses and a miraculous medal that I wear regularly.

Is there a particular time or place that you consider wearing a cross? Not really. I'm just starting to wear necklaces again after years of having young, grabby hands on me all the time. I tend to wear my crosses and medal more often than any other necklaces.

Where do you were it? On a chain around my neck.

What does the cross look like? One is mostly yellow gold, with white gold detail and small diamonds. The other is yellow gold, much more delicate, with a slight curve to it.

Who gave the cross to you or did you choose it? B gave me both crosses. One was a confirmation gift and the other was a Christmas gift a few years ago.

Is this your favorite cross, if so, why? The one I received as a confirmation gift is my favorite. It is unique, I love the way it looks, and it is special because of who gave it to me, and when I received it.

What does wearing a cross mean to you? It's a physical & visual reminder that I am Christian.

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