Thursday, June 20, 2013

RV Camping

 A few months ago, some things fell into place and Bo found an amazing deal on this RV.  We have talked about buying an RV for years, but I admit I never really thought it would happen.  I'm so lucky that my husband tends to find ways for things to happen, even when they seem unlikely.

We have been out in the RV twice now.  The first time was over Memorial Day weekend when Nate was competing in a soccer tournament in Flagstaff.  We stayed at a campground with some other families, and everyone had a great time. We got an idea of things we would need to add to the RV, and got comfortable with the idea of camping. (We have never been camping with the kids -- and Bo & I only went camping a couple times before kids.)

This past weekend, we headed to Happy Jack, AZ. It was about 20 degrees cooler during the day, and dipped into the 40's at night.  After the Valley's highs of 108, the cooler temperatures were welcome!

We wanted to start camping because we wanted to give the kids a chance to explore outdoors and get away from screens.  The joke was on me last weekend, since AT&T has absolutely NO service in Happy Jack, and I was cut off from e-mail, Facebook and searching the web.  I survived, though, and it was well worth it!

Colin did spend a bit of time in the RV with  his 3DS, BUT he asked if we could get a new kickball before we left town, and also asked if we could bring a deck of cards and a travel chess set.  Nate & Lydia were the real explorers and spent plenty of time exploring the woods around the campground.

They found neat things -- like this swing hanging from a random tree in the woods, and a large jawbone.  They wandered the forest and searched for tracks and enjoyed the tall trees.  Nate loved taking pictures.

The RV made cooking meals fairly easy (and who am I kidding?  You guys know that Bo did all the cooking -- but I did do the shopping!)

We had a wonderful time and I couldn't wait to get back this weekend.  Unfortunately, a stop at a service station for an oil change turned up some repairs that need to be made before we should hit the road again.  We're glad we found out about them when we were home and not stranded somewhere and we trust these mechanics, as we've visited them for years.   But, as soon as the repairs are done and we're able -- we will be back out in nature.  I can't wait!


  1. Not a fan of tent camping, not enough payoff in the "relaxation" arena for the amount of work that goes into it. But I am fairly certain I could really enjoy RV camping! Glad you found the mechanical issues before you were out on the road somewhere!

  2. I know I'm completely spoiled in that Bo does all the hard work when we head out. I can't deal with sleeping on the ground anymore, but the RV does make it wonderfully easy! We can leave a fair amount packed, and that makes it easy, too. We leave it stocked with towels, toiletries, extra clothes, etc.


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