Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Sweet Shine Dolls

A couple weeks ago, Cepia (a small toy company that we've worked with before) sent us 2 dolls that are limited in their release to the Phoenix area right now.  They have created an adorable line of dolls that are colorful and fun to play with called Sweet Shine dolls.  We received Lola Twinklepink (see her there in Lydia's backpack ready for one of our camping trips!) and Pipsy May Peachburst (which we are donating to the NSA Silent Auction to help raise funds.)

One of the fun features of these dolls is taht they light up and project secret shapes!  Twinklepink has a button on the back of her head, that when pressed, displays shapes on the wall or ceiling.  Lydia likes the fact that she's like a doll AND a flashlight!  She also likes the tiny accessories that came with her, which included hair flair, a tiny purse that looks like a cupcake and a pet bunny.

After the jump, Lydia made a video review for all my readers!


As you can see, she liked the doll!  Right now, the dolls are only available in the Phoenix area and are $14.99 each.  There is also a playset available fro $24.99.  They will soon be available nationwide, so if you aren't in Phoenix -- keep an eye out for these new fun dolls! 


**Disclosure: I received both of the dolls pictured in exchange for our honest review.  No additional compensation was provided.  The second doll we received will be donated to the National Stuttering Association's silent auction **

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  1. Thanks Lydia, I am going to get this for my Niece for her 5th birthday. Thank you for telling me about Twinklepink.


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