Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tell Me Thursday #2 (Broken 60" TV)

Can you guess what this is?

It's the corner of our 58" plasma TV screen.

Did you know that if it is hit with the hard end of a Nerf sword, it would crack in this lovely starburst pattern and never turn on again?  Did you also know that you can't replace the screen (at least not cost effectively)?

Yep.  That happened Tuesday afternoon.  The boys were play-fighting with Nerf swords and a Nerf axe in the living room when suddenly there was quiet.  Silly Bo & I thought that they were actually off doing the chore we reminded them had to be done a few minutes earlier.

When they slunk into the back of the house a couple minutes later, they said "You know how you're always telling us to not fight in the living room because the TV might get broken?  We cracked the screen."

At first, we thought it was a joke.  Quickly, we found that it was not.

If you know my sweet husband, you know how he is about his televisions.  When we were dating, I was hoping for an engagement ring and he came home with a big screen TV in time for the SuperBowl in 1996.   (I did get my ring a couple months later.)  He loves television, and he loves watching on a high quality, large set.

He was literally speechless Tuesday afternoon.  He is wonderful about always putting the spin on things that things are just things and people are what matters -- but his belief in that was tested this week.  In the end, it's just a television set.   He told the boys he was most angry because they were doing something that we often reprimand them for, and that they should have been outside if they wanted to rough house.

But, his precious TV is still broken.

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