Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tell Me Thursday #1 (Weekend Away From Kids)

The picture is a little dark, I know -- but can you see how relaxed I am?

Bo & I somehow convinced my parents to keep the kids overnight so we could have a getaway. Last weekend, we headed over to the Kierland Westin Resort in Scottsdale to check out Phoenix Cooks!  We went a couple years ago and had fun, so we thought it was time to see what delicious fare local restaurants are creating these days.

We sampled a ton of great food, sampled a wide variety of wines provided by Safeway, as well as some Alaskan ale and a couple different hard liquors.  The venue was crowded, but we weren't in any hurry, so we didn't mind waiting in line.

I am torn as to what was my favorite -- either the Lobster Mash that topped mashed potatoes served in a martini glass by Mastro's or the unbelievably tasty chicken meatball and sauce served by NoRTH Modern Italian Cuisine.  I think the meatball may win because if I had to choose only one restaurant to visit, it would be NoRTH!

Bo's favorite bite was a pulled pork taco that unfortunately we lost the name of the restaurant!  If anyone was there, and knows what I'm talking about, please leave a comment and let me know.  His second favorite was that meatball.

I was excited that the event was held at the Kierland Westin because that is the same location the National Stuttering Association is holding this summer's conference.  I had never been there before, so I was glad we had a chance to visit, and thanks to my parents we spent the night.

The resort was gorgeous.  Service was top notch (and I can be so picky some days!) I liked the fact the rooms had real glass glasses (I don't like drinking out of plastic) and I liked that they included tea with the coffee maker (since I don't drink coffee.)  The room was large and comfortable, with a small balcony.  It was clean and welcoming.

After eating all day, we really didn't think we needed a regular dinner, so we stopped into the Waltz & Weiser Saloon on property for a drink and appetizers. We couldn't decide on an appetizer, so ordered the nachos, wings and chicken quesadilla.  The nachos were huge!  We could have fed a half dozen friends with the pile of nachos, but they were also delicious.  As were the ribs and quesadilla.

As we were sitting in the gorgeous lobby upstairs, I was thinking about how fun it will be in July when the halls are full of members of the National Stuttering Association.  I have had such an amazing time at the last 2 conferences that I can't wait until they all come here to my home to have a blast!

We headed home mid-day Sunday, after a relaxing, luxurious morning.  It was a fabulous weekend!

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